About Bun Bun Studios

Powered by a close knit team of programmers and artists since 2010, Bun Bun Studios has built and sold software as well as tools with seamless integration of asset and code through cooperation and thorough planning. We take pride in what we do for over 10 years in technology, and now we are currently developing our first game title, Dark October.


Bun Bun Studios is a home-based business in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Our team collaborates online to service customers globally.

How We Code

No good computer scientist is not lazy, or in other words, a good program is designed by an effective computer scientist. Since mathematics is the foundation of computer science, the solution to many problems in technology may seem impossible without going down to solving the mathematics behind it.

Computers are simply logical machines that would be very lost without very defined instructions. Design is about 90% of the work as a poor design leads to program that is built to fail regardless of how much resources is put into it.

To guide the machines, we plan ahead using paper or UML designs to ensure that we are very clear every step of the way without losing sight of the problem we are trying to solve. This may involve calculations in higher dimensions, research into our own field and other fields that intersect with the problem, as well as taking the future of the technologies we use to solve the problem, to ensure the machines we built to solve the problem last a few good years of use before it needs more attention from us.

All these careful planning goes a long way, not only do our machines become flexible to changes and ready for the future, but we also saved time, frustration and costs in our development, giving you more value than money.