Software Consulting with over 10 years of experience.

Software Consulting

We work with you.

With over 10 years of experience in technology, we have excellent problem solving skills to shape software to meet the demands of your business. Our experience is built on completing many different projects spanning multiple fields. No matter which stage your project is in, we’re here to help.

Software can go wrong in many ways, regardless of which stage of development it is in. If you are very lucky, a quick fix will do the job. If not, the worst that could happen is that you probably have to start over.

Problems with software could be easy to fiex to irrecoverable.

Take the guessing game out of the equation, we offer you our experience to help you start off on the right foot to minimise the chances that your resources will be wasted on failing or poor-performing software.

To give you an idea of how we work, here is an example of the steps we take to help you.

Mapping out business requirements the software needs to meet.

Map out business requirements by identifying your business goals

We take your business into consideration when drafting the business requirements the software is to meet. Where possible, we ensure the software will give your business minimum disruptions, maximum productivity and efficiency.

Offering you solutions to meet your business requirements.

Introduce solutions to meet your business requirements

Regardless of the development stage your software is in, we use our experience to advise you on what actions you can take to ensure your software develops in the right direction.

If you do not yet have a software design in mind, we are happy to provide you with one. Our approach to software design is to focus on your business, such as the security and scalability of the software. Furthermore, we will incorporate the latest in technologies in the software design, where appropriate.

After laying out these solutions before you, we will help you make an informed decision by explaining the pros and cons of each solution. This helps you shortlist and narrow down the solution to take based on constraints such as money, time and labour.

Software development with Bun Bun Studios.

Got a solution in mind and would like to proceed with software development?

If you choose to develop your software with us, we would first thank you for choosing us!

In order to ensure the software is built to meet your business requirements, we would start by reverse engineering the existing system your software is based on. Next, we extend the existing system to satisfy the business requirements. Finally, we rigorously test and debug the integration of the new system to the existing system to ensure the software serves the business goals.

Bun Bun Studios has built software from scratch or existing third-party libraries such as APIs. The technologies we are experienced in includes, but are not limited to

  1. multiple operating systems such as Windows and Linux,
  2. multiple programming languages like ISO standard C/C++ and CPython,
  3. commercial and open-source software such as CorelDraw and blender,
  4. client and server web technologies with HTML, CSS, Javascript, CPython, as well as
  5. cloud technologies with Google Cloud.

In addition, we incorporate our related fields to the design and development of our software such as data analysis with R and mathematical modelling with Mathematica.

The solutions we have developed touched on multiple disciplines of mathematics, including cryptography, discrete mathematics, vector calculus, and linear algebra.

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