Dark October Game.

Dark October Game by Bun Bun Studios

Currently under slow development…

Dark October will be a single player third person action role-playing PC game in 3D with a touch of mystery. See here for Dark October official game project website.

Wanna support Dark October? Check out our Dark October store! All profits goes to the development of Dark October.

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Game Components

Showcase of Unity 3D Packages by Bun Bun Studios

Bun Bun Studios built modular and extensible Unity packages for you to put them together into a fully functional game, like building blocks! Each Unity package represent one of the many elements essential to a game, complete with assets and scripts that can be recycled to build a game scene.

Traps and Switches for Unity.

Traps and Switches for Unity

A Unity 3D Package by Bun Bun Studios

To be updated soon…

Traps and switches for Unity demonstrates how to set up complex mechanics that affect multiple objects in the scene. Each trap plays its role independent from each other, while each switch can be used to manipulate the traps. Assets and scripts can be recycled to build a scene where a puzzle involving triggers needs to be solved before proceeding.

Turrets or Sentry Guns for Unity.

Turrets or Sentry Guns for Unity

A Unity 3D Package by Bun Bun Studios

To be updated soon…

Turrets or Sentry Guns for Unity demonstrates how to set up objects with basic target acquisition, aiming and firing. Each turret or sentry gun is independent from each other and has its own unique abilities. Assets and scripts can be recycled to build a scene where objects that fire at targets are used.

OfficePub transforms your Office files to a complete website.


Imagine that you can put a bunch of word documents and images in a folder and a software can magically turn it into a fully functional website. This software is our OfficePub, originally called Office to Website Converter (OTW), an ultimate offline content management system (CMS).

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Don't forget. Keep yourself reminded with Voice RemindMe!

Voice RemindMe

This app is no longer supported.

Get reminded in your favourite voice at anytime you like! This app will read out your events on your Outlook.com calendar using TTS. So instead of a tone, you get a voice telling you about your events. You can change the voice sentence and have different voice for different calendars.

This is the ultimate add-on for your alarm and calendar. And just like an alarm should be, you can also turn it off or set it to have silent hours.

Data visualisation using a Unity terrain with colours.

Data Visualisation on Unity 3D Terrain

Visualised car accidents over Australia by mapping data onto a Unity terrain with colour ramp. At one location, the more purple and the higher the terrain indicates higher number of car accidents.

Online Visualiser for Medical Imaging

Extended the XTK library to support normals and colour ramps in VTK files, resulting in smooth colour surfaces highlighting areas of cerebral atrophy due to dementia.