OfficePub is an offline CMS that transforms your Office files to a complete website.


Imagine that you can put a bunch of word documents and images in a folder and a software can magically turn it into a fully functional website. This software is our OfficePub, an ultimate offline content management system (CMS).

Originally called Office to Website Converter (OTW), OfficePub applies a predefined CSS stylesheet to web pages generated from your LibreOffice Writer documents. If you have calendar information in ICS files, OfficePub can read these files and place this information on your web pages. After parsing the web pages, OfficePub generates database information ready for dynamic page functions such as to search these web pages for information using PHP. Finally, OfficePub combines these web pages, images, database, and dynamic pages together to a complete website as a folder ready for upload. This folder is also free from malware and can be used a backup.

Through this method, your website can retain dynamic functions without compromising the security of your website. In addition, your website can be very fast and efficient where there is minimal dynamic elements. The downside of online CMS is that there is always a possibility of illegal backdoor access to your website, enabling intruders to install malware and perform unwanted changes to your website, including bringing it down, redirecting it to offensive websites or spreading viruses to visitors of your website.

The original OTW Converter works on web pages generated from Microsoft Word documents. OfficePub is a software written in Python. Contact us for more information.