Crowdfund Dark October

Currently, Dark October is under slow development. We needed to slow down so we can continue to cover our living expenses. But with your help, we can speed up the development of Dark October. Join us in our dream to complete Dark October game!

Contributions are collected the moment the payment is processed. The campaign will end if the amount of A$50,000 is reached or the game has finished development. All contributors who contributed more than A$15 are eligible to receive a code to unlock exclusive extra content in Dark October game when it becomes available.

Become a Legend in Dark October

Our Story

In a war long forgotten thousands of years ago, the Order fought against evil and created a barrier to shield from that of great evil. This war incurred many lives sacrificed and resulted in the lost of magic. A strange monument now stood in Shorecliffe, and within the walls of this monument were written with names of these fallen heroes that fought the war that end all wars until “Dark October”.

Your Story

Right now, the walls on the temple of the Order stood empty.

Become a legend in Dark October!

We call upon you to become these legendary heroes in the world of Dark October, as those who once fought to rid the world of evil.

Funds Raised So Far...

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Dark October Crowdfunding Form

Your contribution to the developers of Dark October (minimum of A$5.00)


Your name or alias in the world of Dark October (optional)

Your real name to be included the credits of Dark October (optional)

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If you have any comments or requests, please leave yours here. (optional)

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What platforms will Dark October game be on?

Currently, we are a licensed Playstation developer so we can publish on the Playstation network. We have hopes to expand to Xbox, we will make an announcement if we have the permission to do so.

How do I check up on the progress on the development of Dark October?

We publish updates and what we are up to in Dark October at We are also active on IndieDB, Twitter, or Tumblr. If you decide to contribute to Dark October, please feel free leave your email to join our exclusive subscription mailing list!

What happens when the funds reached A$50,000?

The crowdfunding will close and we will no longer accept more funding. The final amount may be off by a few dollars due to fees or exchange rates.

What do I get for contributing to Dark October?

On top of placing your name or alias in Dark October and your real name in credits of Dark October, you have our utmost thanks! All contributors who contributed more than A$15 are eligible to receive a code to unlock exclusive extra content in Dark October game when it becomes available.

What happens to the name I entered?

The name or alias you provide will be included in the walls of the momument visible in-game. If you did leave a real name, they will be included in the credits of the game as contributors.

We will accept the name you have provided under the condition that the name is not inappropriate or sensitive. Otherwise, you will be contacted to change it. And if you didn't leave any contact information, it may end up as a series of stars.

What can I expect out of the comments or requests that was put in?

The comments or requests is an open field for discussion. It would be helpful if you leave your email so we can continue the discussion with you. We will try to satisfy your comments or requests within reason and the confines of the development of Dark October game. If you are unsure, please contact us.

For example, if you have contributed A$500, and you would like a living NPC named after you, which is a highly respected member of the Order, in return. Another example would be that you would like your blog or company listed as a sponsor in the credits of the game or our website.

Did you crowdfund Dark October elsewhere before?

We have tried to crowdfund in Kickstarter before and no money is collected as it is not 100% funded. We were new to crowdfunding and didn't spread the word enough beforehand, also made the campaign too short.

Now with the crowdfunding on our website, it is easier for us to manage.