Become a Legend in Dark October!

Posted on 19 August 2019

Contribute to the developers of Dark October and get your name immortalised in the world of Dark October, including in the in-game credits! We are also giving away extra content exclusive to contributors over A$15.

Become a legend in Dark October!

Dark October is crowdfunding now because of some of you who asked for a Kickstarter link on our Facebook page and followed us on Kickstarter. Thanks for your support!

We hoped to obtain other forms of funding, but we failed to get funding for Dark October locally through Film Victoria in the May 2018 round. According to Film Victoria, who claimed to have experienced judges, failed to stay up-to-date with the Sony Playstation's Partner process, the price of the Playstation dev kit, as well as other publishers. Not only did they made many false claims and ambitions about our game project – Dark October, they based their judgement on them.

This poor judgement of theirs actually costed us $550 (inc. GST) in application fee, in which supposed to warrant us a clear feedback that they do so very unwillingly. In it, they demanded us to provide them with a more functional demo that practically gave away every unique aspect of our game without any form of protection such as a NDA or other similar agreements, so they can make better judgements. Full details of this can be found here.

So, do you like what we did with Dark October? If you do, help us get funded, and we will put more work into Dark October, and you will also hear from us more on social media.

We have to apologise for being more quiet about Dark October in the past year, the main reason is the attacks on our network by hackers made it really hard to keep posting, they kept deleting our images/videos and we ended up having lost some hardware, claiming warranties and a lot of time without computers or internet. Recently, we managed to find ways around the network attacks and safeguard our hardware.

The 3D textured environment of Dark October is nearly finished and ready for our generated NPCs with random appearances to populate (as if they were made individually as assets), as well as generated monsters with random appearances, and a storyline to top it off.

We'll post updates as soon as we're ready. Stay tuned!